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MINI Electric SE



Since our very beginnings, we’ve created cars that deliver a maximum experience with a minimal footprint. The very first Mini, built in 1959, was as fun to drive as it was fuel-efficient, and quickly became the urban car of choice as a result. Today, this very same principle is being applied to our electric mobility offering. With battery-powered driving technology that adds even more energy to the MINI driving experience, the all-electric MINI Cooper SE 3 door and MINI Countryman Plug-in Electric Hybrid are designed to electrify every drive and every day. And with lower emissions (including zero emissions in the MINI Cooper SE 3 door), they’re leading the charge towards a brighter, more sustainable future.

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MINI Electric



Thanks to its all-electric motor, the MINI Cooper SE 3 door delivers instant torque. Think of it like flipping on a light switch – instant electricity. With the capability to reach 60 km/h in an electrifying 3.9 seconds, you’ll have no issues getting ahead of the charge once the light turns green.

MINI Electric



Make no mistake about it: The MINI Cooper SE 3 door boasts the same corner-carving agility that has been turning drivers onto MINI for generations. And because the High Voltage Lithium-Ion battery is positioned along the length of the vehicle floor, its centre of gravity is even lower than petrol-powered MINIs, meaning enhanced stability around every bend and more fun at every turn.

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